What Is A Sigil? A Guide Of How People Use Sigils In Different Ways. The 72 Lesser Key Of Solomon Along With All There Meanings. A List Sigils And Its Meanings For Your Own Usage.

A sigil is a symbol used in magic with the intentions of drawing something to you or away from you. The symbols are signatures of God’s, Entities etc. In magic, sigils refers to a symbolic representation of the magician’s desired outcome and intentions.

The term sigil derives from the Latin word sigillum, meaning “seal“.In medieval ceremonial magic, the term sigil was commonly refered to occult signs which represented various angels and demons that the magician wish to summon.

A common method of creating the sigils of certain spirits was to use kameas (magic squares) names of the spirits were converted to numbers, which were then located on the magic square. The locations were then connected by lines, forming an abstract figure. They are used to communicate and to express one’s will and desires.

The concept of Sigil magic became famous during the medieval and renaissance periods when mysticism was at a peak. Those who practiced any art of magic had to practice underground. If practiced in public they were accused of practicing witchcraft and stoned or torture to death. When someone fell sick or had a sudden death back then witchcraft was the accuser over life’s causes. They were forced to create they own secret alphabets to convey messages to others alike them them passing down knowledge, messages and warnings.

In the Lesser Key of Solomon there are 72 princes of the hierarchy of hell which were given images, or sigils in order to show the name of these demons.

When someone draws out the sigil which represented the particular demon, and the demon would show up. This would be like calling the demon by its true name, one which is not possible to pronounce in the human tongue.

However, the power behind sigils lies in the filtration mechanism, the fact that an image can represent so many different concepts or desires.

In modern times, some magicians and pagans use sigils to manifest their will or desire. This idea was popularized by a Austin Spare who focused on Chaos magic entirely. Sigils in Chaos magic are used to represent the in between world elements which we, in our conscious minds are not really capable of grasping connect our minds to magic, to the endless possibilities inherent in the Universe.

The 72 Lesser Key Of Solomon Are As Followed:

Sigil’s For Your Personal Uses Are As Followed: