When Is Judgement Day? The Day Everyone Has Spent Decades To Figure Out But Has Always Gotten Wrong. “The Holy Day”

Judgment Day is up to us and not God! It does not have a set date. If in fact it did, then it would and should be in the HOLY BIBLE and not kept a secret. But first we have to fight to ride ourselves of sin and hate before this day would even come. If God was to arrive now, then we would all be dead! Even the sweetest people in life has a little evil or sin inside of them. This includes myself! Our goal is not to be perfect but as close as we can come to it. For God to come we would have to be righteous in his eyes so he would be able to better set us apart from evil. That means Judgment Day would be when all the good human beings can finally separates the evil from within themselves and take it out. After this, that is when God is going to return for “Judgment Day”. This is why no-one has yet to get the exact or correct dates for God’s return because no-one truly knows when we will accomplish this. When this day does arrive, God would be returning to banish the evil in the world for his last time in human history. God is waiting on us, not we waiting on him. We are all looking at “The Holy Day” backwards! Instead we have wasted countless decades trying to figure out when God is going to return, which is slowing us down from working on getting the “bad parts” out of us as a whole nation so he can return.