If Incest Was Not A Thing Then Maybe Down Syndrome And Disabilities Would Also Not Be A Thing. Can The Creation Of All Down Syndrome, Certain Disabilities And Certain Mental Disorders Come From The Temptations Of Humans Participating In Incest?

Sister Competes With Jealous Sister To See Who Gets To Have Sex With Their Father.

What Is Incest?

Incest is when two or more people that are closely related participate in sexual activities with each other. People that are closely related have the same DNA structure as each other or a lot of similarities can be found in their DNA.

A Quick Run Down On The Human Structure

Each human has 23 pairs of Chromosomes in their Cells. These Chromosomes are the codes to your genes. Your genes are based on what your blood type is, your bodily features etc. Your Chromosomes are given to you from both your parent through your DNA. Your DNA is a self-replicating material which is present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information. It is the distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something.

Why Is It Important Not To Have Sex With People In Your Relatives?

People that are related most likely have the same DNA Pores. If one relative has the Recessive Allele of cystic fibrosis then its likely that the other relatives do also. A Child gets one of their Recessive Allele from their Mother and the other from their Father. So if two or more relatives engage in sexual activities and brings forth a Child the odds of the Child being preexposed to the two Recessive Alleles of Cystic Fibrosis is greater. This is why inbreeding increases the chances of Congenital Defects. Incest has been spread all over the world dating back to our creation. In the United States where I live, incest is practiced more in the Southern States. It is common to see stories on the news where children are being born stuck together or with multiple body parts. The same goes for all life forms. Other animals that inbreed can also be born with a disability, be deformed, be highly aggressive, or all in one etc.

My Thoughts

If Humans didn’t indulge in incest to begin with then in todays world Down Syndrome and Disability would not have existed.

Moving foward If Humans as a whole controlled their urges of engaging in sexual acts towards their relatives then the rates of birth effects will decrease in the coming years.

Some people believe that if the person’s that are committing incest is doing it of their free will then the act isn’t wrong.

Wrong or not, one cannot argue with, that if a Child is bring forth because of this act and is born with Down Syndrome or a Disability then it is wrong to the Child.

No one should be subjected to a life where they cannot live normal like everyone else. Having to be somewhere where you cannot fend or take care of yourself should not be anyone’s everyday life. Being outcast by others and feeling less of a human is not a place for anyone to be. Yes life is hard but it is meant to be enjoyed. Everyone has a right to enjoy their life in the way they so choose. Subjecting someone through incest and changing the human DNA as a whole causing a wider range of disabilities in today’s world is wrong to those people.