What Is A Hobby? Why Are Hobbies Important To The Mental State? A Page Of Abigail’s Hobbies And Fun Times….. Getting To Have A Better Understanding Of The Things That The Author Of This Site Enjoys Or Does On A Basis.

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A hobby can be a single or multiple activities that brings joy into a person’s life. This particular activity can be done out of simple liking of mind. Individuals indulge in their hobbies in order to relax from the routine-bound studies, work and the stresses of life and its obstacles. Life can become so stressful and hectic at time that hobbies can be used as an escape route. It not only releases stress but it helps to boost your creativity.

By doing new things and trying new things, your creative side begins to grow more allowing you to create, do and try new things that you did not realize you are capable of. Enjoying life is important and should always be taken advantage of at every moment possible.

Without having an escape route one cannot lead a healthy and happy life consistently. Hobbies contributes a lot in the all-around mental and personality development of our very being. It helps you to clearly think about your life and finding ways to fix it or to finding ways to be a better person. Apart from that, hobbies are also essential for reducing the levels of stress and tension in the human body and mind.

If stress levels are high for to long a person can begin to loose their minds to mental illness. One can enjoy and make the most of there lives by spending a lot of quality time with oneself and others while participating in activities and doing things that brings you enjoy.

Here Are A Few Things Done As My Hobbies, For Fun And To Kill Boredom…. Seeing Abigail being Abigail.

Here are the hairstyles I have been doing on myself for work during November- December. I think I was in a blue mood those months being that every style has a hint of blue in it. Thinking back on it… My soul was indeed heavy around that time.

My new hairstyle for the week of September 13th, 2020. I actually braided the front into my hair so that when I wake up I don’t have to do anything to it. I love how comfortable I have grown in expressing myself.
Be the best you, that you can be, without giving two shits. The world would thank you later. 🥴
New hairstyle for the week of August 20th. Decided to do purple.
Braided some synthetic hair into my natural hair for work last week. I was feeling lazy so I did big, fat braids and called it the day.
Painting, Jan 09th 2020.
Building A House With Habitat For Humanity Foundation In Tom’s River NJ 2015.
Spiritual Tattoo I Free Handed On My Left Arm.
Painting, May 29th 2019
Painting, June 15th 2019
Painting, Dec 1st 2018
Pastel, Dec 7th 2018
Paint & Pastel, Dec 9th 2018
Drawing, Jan 7th 2019
Drawing, Jan 8th 2019
Drawing, Feb 2nd 2019
Drawing, Jan 10th 2019
Drawing, Feb 7th 2019
Drawing, Jan 8th 2019
Pastel and paint Dec 13th 2018
doodle on Jan 9th 2019
Drawing July 2nd 2019

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