Body Twitching Superstitions And Meanings.

Twitching is the slight movement of ones muscles. Twitches can sometimes go unnoticed while the body is moving. It is easier to feel them when you are still or have a deep connection with spirituality or nature. It is also an omen or nature’s warning. These twitches can sometimes help by making one stop to see danger ahead before it is too late. Every planet in our solar system radiates its own specific kind of energy. These energies have different effects on individuals based on the planetary conjunctions they are born in. Twitching of body parts are the attempts to tell us the positive or negative affects the energy of planets at a certain point of time when we are seeking for an answer or to let us know when we are off course.

For Example:

Twitching Of The Of The Head: This means that you would have an increase of wealth. You would be promoted at work or if you do not have a job you would soon find work.

Twitching Of The Center Of The Head: If you are currently having a problem in life, your problem would soon be over. Whatever is blocking your progress would soon perish. Whatever endeavors you are heading into would be successful.

Twitching In The Back Of Head: Indicates that whatever good that you are expecting would happen but at a later time.

Twitching Of The Right Ear: A good omen it suggests that some good information is coming your way very soon, you will not have to wait long for it.

Twitching Of The Left Ear: Is a not a good sign. It indicates that you would suffer or loose something in the near future.

Twitching Of The Right Eye: Means that something good would happen to you or that good news would be coming your way soon.

Twitching Of The Left Eye: This results in a bad omen or fortune and that bad news is coming your way. 

Twitching Of The Center Of Eyebrows: Means that you would get good news and victory in your endeavors.

Twitching Of The Right Eyebrow: Good news is coming your way.

Twitching Of The Left Eyebrow: Indicates that bad news and tension is coming your way.

Twitching Of The Right Side Of Shoulder: Indicates opulence and happiness in bulk coming to you. It indicates growth, rise at workplace, control over your peers, Recognizance of your work and award for it. A good news can come from your family also. A promotion for someone close to you.

Twitching Of The Left Side Of Shoulders: Indicates depression and restrictions on you. Your progress is blinded by someone and you may not be able to gain up to your full potential.

Twitching Of The Nose: Indicates success in academic field or studies since the nose is related to planet Jupiter which is related to studies.

Twitching Of The Right Elbow: Someone that you do not yet know would be coming into your life for a short time to benefit you.

Twitching Of The Left Elbow: Means that you are worrying or thinking over a matter or problem unnecessarily. You need to take your mind off of what is currently bothering you at the time.

Twitching Of The Right Side Of Chin: It indicates a beginning of a new love life.

Twitching Of The Left Side Of Chin: Bad news is coming your way in your love life if twitching is on the left part.

Twitching Of The Right Side Of The Neck: You would be relived of whatever problem you are currently facing.

Twitching Of The Left Side Of The Neck: This indicates that whatever problem you are currently having in life, you would have to wait some time before it gets better.

Twitching Of The Chest: Indicates that either success or increase in fame and good news coming would be coming your way.

Twitching Of The Right Side Of  Back: Indicates happiness and harmony of mind. You will have a smooth ride in your ventures.

Twitching Of The Left Side Of Back: Loss, defeat and failures especially if the twitching is in morning when you are barely asleep and it feels that a bee is fluttering close to your back.

Twitching Of  The Right Side Of Forehead: Indicates gain in real estate, properties profit etc. It means you will rise through your intellectual ideas and make successful profits in life. If one temple continues to twitch, it means that one would soon attain monetary

Twitching Of The Left Side Of Forehead: Losses which are accompanied through travel. It means that it forecasts the results of endeavor for which you needed when traveling to a far place.

Twitching Of The Top Lip: Good fortune or news in love related matters.

Twitching Of The Bottom Lip: Sadness or tension in your relationship with someone in your life is going to be under pressure or hard times.

Twitching Of The Stomach: This means that you would have success in financial and economic situations along with monetary profits.

Twitching Of The Right Leg: Is a good omen for good luck and success in what you are currently asking for.

Twitching Of The Left Leg: Whatever you are currently desiring would soon happen.

Twitching Of The Right Cheek: The inflow of love and money would soon be coming your way.

Twitching Of The Left Cheek: You would experience loss or tension in your love life.