I Have Figured Out What The Other Side Meant When They Told Me That To Save Lucifer’s Soul, Is In My Heart And To Put The Soul’s Of Evil At Peace Can Be Done By Using The Energies Of The Living….. Our Journey Together Into The New World.

I was so confused as to how I can help the devil change into being a better version of himself by finding the key in my heart. I didn’t know if it meant my love is so great that the answers are in my heart. Maybe I had to feel something to figure out what is needed to be done but the only way to know if an answer is rite, is that after the answers to the questions is giving, the answers should not lead to other questions. And so I have found an answer which leaves me no more questions to ask.

If any living thing, is dead or has a black heart that is shutting down or dead, the only way to fix or bring new life into the body is by having a new heart. Someone has to die and give up their heart to save another.

If Lucifer is dead in the body, the only way to save him is through the body. So tho he still roams the earth in spirit, to fix his mistakes has to be in a physical way. He cannot change his Soul without a physical heart, since in the physical world is where he messed up at. This means that he can only make his wrongs rite through the physical world. This is why he needs us the living. This may be why the dead is still amounts us.

This is where Lucifer has tricked the living into following him, so as to get offerings and body parts so that he can accomplish this task. He probably was thinking that we will not figure out how to save him on our own so he went ahead and used us for his own Soul’s sake…. Which obviously is wrong. And him thinking he can accomplish this on his own was wrong of him because it would never work since he is doing it through darkness. He was supposed to do it through light.

The devil is you and me, we will do anything to make things rite if we are no longer happy…. who are we to judge when our Soul’s are filled with the same darkness. We were put on an earth that is fill with darkness, isn’t obvious that everything in that darkness would also turn to dark before it reaches back to the light. Everyone is trying to get to the light, don’t matter the price or cost. How many good people did Evil actions just to attain happiness? Happiness is so hard to get to the point where it will make the most good turn to the darkness. We have to remember that all things has a good side to it. We are all capable of good because our creator is one of the most greatest amounts all Maker’s. We cannot belittle another for their past mistakes when our maker would never belittle us or put a limit on what we are capable of achieving.

And the answer to giving the dead peace, is by using our Energies, I didn’t understand that rite away either….. we can’t just say here you go, here is some energy…. why? Bec we do not see what we are giving in feelings but we can see what we are giving in materials. We feel what we are giving with feelings but we do not yet master the ways of giving it because we are used to giving others more physical items over sharing our feelings with them.

If we are spiritual beings this should be easy for us to do rite? It only seems hard because we are used to the physical world, while trying to learn and remember the spiritual parts of us. For now, it’s this simple, use the things we already have an advantage over to help us with the things we do not yet fully know.

What we do know is that we can create objects, physically. We also know that we can give our love, kindness and peace to other’s to make them feel better and to change their Aura’s. We know that some physical items gives off bad and good Energies, depending on who created it or the type of person that owned these objects. So if some things can be hunted and others can bring peace based on the Energies that created it or was put into it…. Then can we come up with an object that gives off energies to put the dead soul’s to peace until the return of our maker?

This is going to be hard! If I do choose to walk though this journey to the end.

First we have to come up with something to give the dead Soul’s peace. We have to put our Energies into something physical and that will project our peace and love to the dead.

We help the devil with his mistakes and he help us with our mistakes. He can only get a second chance after he has done his part but which is learning from his mistakes.

That’s it for today… Remember to be kind to all things and know that all things are Suffering on earth together with you. It is only rite that we all love and support eachother in these dark times into the light.


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4 thoughts on “I Have Figured Out What The Other Side Meant When They Told Me That To Save Lucifer’s Soul, Is In My Heart And To Put The Soul’s Of Evil At Peace Can Be Done By Using The Energies Of The Living….. Our Journey Together Into The New World.

  1. The darkness coming here is winter as we lose much of the suns light. We celebrate it with Samhain or Halloween. It is part of the circle of life. I’m unsure about/don’t believe in demons but I do agree that people are capable of living in darkness regardless of the availability of light, but not happily. Kindness seems to have taken by judgement…hopefully not for much longer. Blessed be. Samaritans have been pushed aside by the zealots. However, the Samaritans were surely closer to good spirit than most? Ah, I moan. Excuse me.

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