In My Last Post About The Devil And Evil Needing The Help Of The Living, I Noticed Something….. Here Are Some Pictures So That You Can See What Was On The Other Side Communicating With Me

I’ve noticed that after my last session with the darker side, it looked as if another hand or hands were on mines, through the other side of the mirror.

I was sitting in the bath with a dim light on when I’ve noticed that the fog from the steams of the hot water made my hand print on the mirror more visible to see. Instead of me seeing my hands only, it looked like it was a hand or many hands that was on top of mines. I then took photos of the mirror and just had it sitting in my phone since that post, until I had the courage to look at it…. Tonight. Here are the simple photos I took… Nothing to unusual so far rite…..

What My Eye’s See Next, Is Proof That We Are Not On This Journey Alone And What I Am Experiencing Is Real

In the middle of the photo you can see what looks like an eye.
This looks like 2 different types of Creators. An owl and a dog maybe.
This looks like a symbol of something important. I Wonder What can this be…

My Eye’s Has Seen More People, Creators, Images Of Other Eye’s And Symbols That I Cannot Grasp Or Figure Out All Of It In One Sitting. I Also Do Not Feel The Need To Keep Looking. Until Next Time My Fellow Beings. Stay Safe And Remember To Be Kind To All And To Spread Love Wherever You Go.


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