I Have Something To Tell You…….. The Devil Is Ready To Shed His Old Skin, Into A New Life. He Needs The Help Of The Living! I Believe Lucifer Has The Key To Heal, Restore And Unlock All Soul’s In Existence. He Most Likely Knows How We Can Become Immortal Also. We Have To Get Him To Cast That Key Back Into Our Hands. Lucifer Walks The Earth Amongst Us, Not God. God Is In Us. Getting This Key Back Is More Than In Our Reach. We Need Help To Get Back To Our Maker. We Are Having Trouble Getting There Ourselves Because Of Our Lack Of Knowledge And Division From The Rest Of Life.

After connecting back to their realm, they keep calling me back to any mirror but with all lights off, to tell me more things. I connect too the light and Angel’s, obviously with the lights on but this post isn’t about the light.

Anyways I have to know when not to connect with these things and when to. I have to take in everything and pay close attention to make sure, I do not get tricked in these realms for my Soul or the Soul’s of other’s. They say they want to help answer my questions so that I can better understand my Soul’s purpose.

In my last post, I went deep into the darkness, trying to find light for all….. Recently I asked, who is the Evil that is trying to get my attention? My mind said, your ancestors and the rest wants to take your place Because they want to be you. What you chose to do and will do, they chose not to and they regret it. I asked where they came from and they said Hell. I asked where can I find Hell and it said, on the other side on the earth.

I then started to think, north, south, east, west but nothing came of it. I then thinked, well if the living is here and the saved Soul’s are with God then where would the other side of the earth be? Is it the ground we walk on, where the dead is buried. Is beneath the Earth, their hell? It makes sense if the answer was yes.

So when our feets are grounded to the floor, have we actually been grounding Ourselves to all parts of us. Is this why we then feel complete and one with the Earth?

I then asked, how can we protect the dead, Soul’s from the Devil? My mind then said by the Living’s Aura and Energy.

Ok, so how do you free their Soul’s from the Devil? My mind said, by saving the Devil’s Soul.

How Will We Do That? My mind then said by a snake.

By a sake?… Well I can’t just turn into a snake, and I cannot just go get a snake to fight the Devil. So do I have to get more powerful and turn into one? If that was the case why didn’t God do it?

Puzzled I then told someone and they said look up what is the spiritual meanings of a snake and not the evil aspects.

Hard headed Abby never listens, which means I didn’t look it up but that night before I went to sleep, it came to me through Facebook.

A post where a lady had a dream about a snake and upon her waking she saw it on the floor surrounded by blood. Many say it’s evil or someone doing witchcraft. But then someone said if the snake tried to bite you and you succeeded in stopping it, it means that you have passed the test and that your calling in life is to do powerful things.

Someone asked, so what if the snake bites me? her reply: you would be dead. Snakes are not always evil though.

Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.[7] The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life. Maybe he is ready to heal himself and his mistakes, which in return will give him joy.

I knew this message was for me because when I was little I used to visit this place in my sleep. Dark graveyard with two scary trees… me walking about looking and reading the names on grave’s as my body sleeps. I was looking for something but didn’t know what, so every night as a kid I went to sleep, and kept looking. Being attacked by the two trees made my search harder because I didn’t have time to think of what I was looking for because I had to make sure I didn’t get caught.

The two trees was opposite of eachother. They do not walk but stayed in on spot. They can move and bend also using it’s branches to capture anything in it’s paths. It even had eyes or a month or both… I can’t quite remember. They are dried up dead trees. No life to them and pure ugliness. Not even a single leaf on its branches. I was reading names on graves without knowing what I was searching for. But what I can say it that I had to have been close to finding something because it all changed.

One night before I went to this place I was greated by who I believe was the Devil. I had just closed my eyes shut, not even dreaming, everything turned orange as I saw a snake crawling up the wooden bed, up onto my legs to my body. If felt heavy but I was to scared to open my eyes to see if what was happening in the physical world, the same as I was seeing in my mind. It opened it’s mouth to bite me and I called on the highest powers to help me not known what else to do.

I ended up blacking out holding my breath as I was acting dead so it wouldnt bite me. Tho my eyes were closed, I saw it as if I was using my physical eyes, and felt it as if someone was physically touching me.

I woke up that morning screaming as the adults came to my rescue. Not knowing what happened after, I screamed: SNAKE, SNAKE, SNAKE. Everyone trying to calm me down… are you sure that it wasn’t a bird? You know that a bird can fly in through the patterns on the walls? I replied no, it was a snake.

As they left the room, I noticed that the thick wooden old fashion bed was cracked in half, the floor stained in blood red. I rubbed and rubbed as I was Fearful that if they saw I would get in trouble. But to my suprised no color came off. It was as if the stain has been there for 1000 years.

No adults asked how it happened, nor did I get in trouble for the bed being broken. To my suprised the pastor showed up and anointed and blessed me from head to toe that evening. After he was down I was sent to go do my chores.

For my chores I would have to get the eggs from the chickens, feed them and the dogs and to pick up the fruits that fell both inside the fence and outside of the fence. We had mangoes and passion fruits and avocados and coconut trees, Gauva trees and so many animals and chickens and turkeys and parakeets, ducks, etc etc.

When I had finished picking the fruits that was inside of the fence, I will then go outside of the fence to get the fruits that was on the floor. I was walking across the drain when I saw a dead snake laying in the water, the same colors that I have seen and felt of the snake that was on me. The difference was that one snake was an adult and the other a baby.

They were red, white and black. I couldn’t remember the saying but I know two colors next to each other is how you would know which one is poisonous and the opposite was the ones that was not, that’s how you would know which was poisonous and which wasn’t.

As a kid even though I didn’t know exactly what was going on, I kept to myself that I knew whatever it was, that part I had succeeded and that it was over for now. I kept living my life as I got older trying to figure out what was I looking for, Why did the devil come for me. I do not know its nature but I knew that it was Spiritual. I knew that one day the more I learn and grow, that I would eventually put two and two together and figure out what I was doing as a kid.

The person that told me to look up the meaning of the snake then told me to meditate on the snake.

I did just that and I have realized that the devil blames the souls that are with him for the image that the World projects of him and for him getting so evil. At first I just thought maybe it’s because the devil didn’t want to own up to it….His wrongs.

But after meditating on it for 5 minutes, I’ve realized that he blames them because every time he tries to do good they didn’t believe that he was capable of doing rite and that he was just cunning them. Instead of allowing him to change they kept on showing and projecting an image to the world of how evil he is. This then made him eventually give up on his good actions or maybe he stopped doing evil, and the new evil might be only at our hands and not of the Devil’s doings. Everything evil does evil and blames it on the devil because of his nature to do as he pleases. In my 24 years of life I do not remember the devil once saying he did something evil but only the living passing on what they think are still his actions when it can be the actions of another placing the blame on him.

But the real reason how I know my words are true is because I have decided to look up the meaning and this is what it says:

This connection may be grounded in the observation that when threatened, some snakes (such as rattlesnakes or cobras) frequently hold and defend their ground, first resorting to threatening display and then fighting, rather than retreat. Thus, they are natural guardians of treasures or sacred sites which cannot easily be moved out of harm’s way. Can the treasure be the keys that can restore all Soul’s?

Maybe this is what happened between God and Lucifer. They got into a fight because of Lucifer’s creative ways that opened the gates to sin. Everything about the snake is who Lucifer is. This is why God turned him into a snake. The Devil is in every aspect hidden from none. He is creative, immortal, eternal and has continue renewal of life. He has the power to heal or provide expanded consciousness.

Snakes are one of the most wisest animals. They are connected to the Earth and afterlife as God of medicine and healing etc. Everything about a snake is about the Devil. This is why he is a snake. We haven’t seen his healing side as yet, so maybe if we help him heal, he will help to heal us also.

Lucifer Might Be The Holder Of The key As To How We Can Heal The Soul And As To How We Can Fully Activate And Unlock Our Subconscious Side’s. He Knows What We Do Not Know And For The Right Price ‘Helping Him To Renew His Life’ He Can Share His Wisdom With Us Also Giving Up The Key To The Soul Back To Us.

The snake symbolized the dangerousness of colonists willing to fight for their rights and homeland. This is why he stood up for his creation’s and stood tall in his physical martials. He believed in his creation’s and enjoyed it like one should. He did exactly what we did and are doing.

Serpents are connected with venom and medicine. The snake’s venom is associated with the chemicals of plants and fungi[11][12][13] that have the power to either heal, venom or provide expanded consciousness (and even the elixir of life and immortality) through divine intoxication. Because of its herbal knowledge

and entheogenic association the snake was often considered one of the wisest animals, being (close to the) divine. Its divine aspect combined with its habitat in the earth between the roots of plants made it an animal with chthonic properties connected to the afterlife and immortality. The deified Greek physician Asclepius, as god of medicine and healing, carried a staff with one serpent wrapped around it, which has become the symbol of modern medicine. 

After all of this I have to sit and figure out what was I looking for? Was I looking to remove Evil, save Souls or the Living. Was I looking for keys to a certain door or doors, and if so what? What I do know is that I promised to change the world and don’t matter how crazy it sounds from me being 5 years old to me now being 24, I haven’t given up.

Am I crazy or do I actually have the potential to help create a new world for all?

I have to keep gathering information to better get the answers that I am seeking, other than the word Snake.

See I have been so busy looking at the unseen, that a fellow being had to point me in the rite direction. Like I told you before, you are me and I am you. What I do not know or see you will, and what you do not know or see I will. Together we can stand and use our energy to help the Devil to shed from his old skin into his new skin.

If I did something wrong, and wanted to change but no one had faith in me as I was doing rite, can you blame me from allowing others to bring out the worst in me? No, because this is what sin causes, the worst in us. The Devil is you and me. He has been waiting to shed his skin, waiting for change but No one believed him because they label him under the word ‘Evil’.

Without him telling me, from this information it looks like he has been waiting on us the living, as his last hope. We now know we can protect them by our energies and save the Devil using a snake. Maybe this is what will bring us together. Together we are strongest and this is what the Devil needs from us.

Wouldn’t you want a last chance? Wouldn’t you return to evil, after your good has went unnoticed? Wouldn’t you torment the souls that don’t believe you can change? Wouldnt you blame everyone else for your mistakes? Don’t say no, because from the darkness, great evil is born. What they considered evil then might not be what we considered evil now and what we consider evil now, they probably didn’t consider evil then.

How can we all be on the same page if everyone has a different experience from life. Someone told me, Abby… do not look at yourself as physical or spiritual because there is no physical or spiritual… there is only you, there is your energy. Us, our Energies.

Once we see that everything around us and in us is exactly the same then we would realize that we don’t have to fear the devil, we don’t have to be scared of anything that we do not know about because we are all different parts of the same thing.

When I return back with an answer on exactly how I believe that we can help the evil or the devil with removing labels and the name’s that history has placed on these things would you be ready to help me? Will you be willing to help me in creating a new World?

Would you be ready to actually forgive something that has caused so much pain? Would you be ready and willing to help him if he is asking for your help? Would you remove the fears of the darkness and the label’s of evil from your heart? If the only way we could help him is using our energy then the living has to do something to make our energy stronger and the only way to accomplish this is by us putting our Energies together to create one Energy.

Knowing that we are one with everything and from everything is the first step to figuring out our highest purpose of the human race. Our creation my actually be to help the Devil. Everyone already knows that God has Mercy on all things. Did God create us to give the devil a last chance to save his soul?

I have so many questions but I know we will figure it out as one. If I am one with you, and you are one with me, whatever that has to be done, has to be together and we will figure it out…… TOGETHER.

Maybe the Devil wasn’t trying to bite me after all but act as if he was to scare me away from what I was doing. Maybe I was moving to fast and only being a kid, I wasn’t ready for what I thought I was because I still had fear in me. And I still do to be honest but they know the perfect timing for everything. I had to grow up in wisdom to know exactly what has to be done.

If someone is willing to help you, and it is not time, the only way to stop them is to scare them away by putting Fear into their heart’s, hoping that they will return to finish one day. For me as a kid I was Fearful of snakes,. darkness and death…. All the things that I have to keep facing.

I’m scared of evil because it doesn’t look how I look. That’s what my ancestors made me think. Just because something doesn’t look how you look or may look ugly and scary doesn’t mean that it is not a part of you. We have to accept them the way they are.

Yes, I was upset and I still am. I guess hearing the truth really do hurt. I do not hear voices but my messages come directly to my mind as me thinking it with my sounds and vibrations. Our mind is much more powerful than what we have grown to think.

They tell us we have to go to school to be smart and we had to learn and get degrees to know how the world works. But what they didn’t teach us is that the greatest lessons in life and every question that no other man could answer, you can and will find it in your soul. These things are just there waiting for us, but it only reveals itself to those that work for it and for those that seek it, for those that believe in it and for those that fight for it.

I then asked how can I get the Devil to give up the key to release and unlock all soul’s? My mind then said by using my heart. This makes me feel crazy but I will try to figure a meaning that is sensible to me.

Do I want to be Crazy and be saved or do I prefer to be normal and be lost? At the end of this fight it will go only two way. Do you live the lavish life or will you be working for those that lives the lavish life? It is all up to you to choose on what you would like for Soul.

It’s up to you to decide on what you would like for your Soul. The only way to save our Soul’s is by the Energy that gave it to us. Are you going to keep denying that there is something more powerful than us and that we will be called to return to it after our mission has been completed? Or are you going to stand up with your fellow beings to create one Energy?

The End Of The World That We Know Is Almost Here. Soon We Will All Be In A New World At Peace With Everything In Us And Around Us.


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    1. Thank you for your kind words. We’re glad that you have enjoyed our work and are honored to be on you blogroll. Looking forward to seeing more of you. Until we meet again, stay blessed. 🙂


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