Something To Think About….. R.I.P to everyone that has died a wrongful death. May Your Soul Find Peace. In tribute of George Perry Floyd Jr. (October 14, 1973 – May 25, 2020). Floyd was an African-American man who was killed wrongfully by two white cops during an arrest in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. May The Living Learn From Our Mistakes And May The Dead Find Their Way.

Today on hot 97.1 Fm radio, a good question was asked and it had me thinking. This I the shortest I can make this post since I am on my lunch break at work. This topic can be so long and take so many turns but sadly I have to rush this post so here it goes…..

They were talking about how cops use our tax payers money to pay off families of the ones they wrongful killed using our taxpayers money while still rooming freely without much consequences.

I do not get why we put people in charge of us or to help us without proper structures that actually benifits us both in short term and long term. We then sit back and let others steel our lives and proper chances of success.

This should not just be a topic for cops but for everyone in every position that wrongfully committed a crime or hurt any another creature. The ones that didn’t pay for the pain they cause but used another one’s success to try an get out they of the consequence they were supposed to pay.

These people then make mistakes which is human and natural. But then some are mean and purposely out to cause harm and pain. Most of the times when the people that are set out to do harm purposely commits a crime on another being, we the people are the ones that has to pay.

There are soooo many examples where our money is wrongful used and we just keep letting it happen. But since I don’t have that much time here is a short example: Why is it when cop’s wrongful kills civilians, if a bind eye or cold shoulder is turned they then trick the families into thinking they are getting justice. To keep the families down from fighting back or speaking up they then go into our tax payers money to pay the families off.

How is it Justice when No one paid for the crime but we the people. The money we work hard for and give to them (People in jobs with higher authority) is the same money that also pays for their jobs. If we the people did not commit these crimes then why are we the one’s paying for it. How is it Justice when the person that did the crime didn’t pay. Doesn’t that mean it is now two crimes committed. The act itself, then the act of stealing from us to keep things quiet and flowing.

If I was to go to work and commit a wrongful act on purpose or because of my own stupidity I would be fired, charged, held accountable in a appropriate manner. So then why is it ok for them people in higher authority) to go to work, commit harmful acts out of stupidity to fellow civilians but they do not pay, we do.

Yet the government is always cutting spending form our school systems and other important funds that is a necessity. The crazy thing is that we may wake up everyday and work for them ( people in higher authority) but we forget they work for us. We wake up everyday to earn money then we then invest in to people in higher positions than us. We pay them to do what they do for us and accept their ways even though it is hurting us.

Instead of waking up everyday to earn money that we invest in to the people in higher positions, lets wake up to invest in our selves.

Oh…… My bad…….. We would need money rite?!….. Well here is something much greater to think about… Who created money? Who started off this lifestyle? Ohok well then we can reset everything in our system. Come up with our own money and create things and jobs for us is the same way we can decide what goes and what doesn’t.

It is as simple as going outside and picking a leaf from a tree to acquire what we want and need. But a leaf is everywhere, one does not have to work for it, this is why a leaf is not our current money currency. We can find and create something as simple as they took paper and print ink to make money. So can I take a canvas and paint it to then use as money…… Yes! This is how the term trading came about. Finding things of equal value and exchanging it into something that is needed or wanted. So then why did trading stop? How are so many years passed and we still didn’t reset the hands of time. Why are we getting poorer…… Is it because we have gotten weaker?!

Without us there is no them but without them there is still us. What are we sitting back scared for. Death……… One fights for what one wants till then end even if the end results to a total disaster and or death……. Let’s bring in our own money and wealth and go back to being on top of the ladder……… Where we are the ones in higher authority and the weaker ones fall under us unless they two are on own sides. How did the weak of us get to the top and are still there but the strong got weak and stayed at the bottom. Its as simple as the flip of a coin, all we gotta do is be willing to flip rite over.

A king has to stand tall and fight for his kingdom. If he steps down or sit back, chances are he will 100% lose his kingdom. Why? Bec his enemy has all the time in the world to keep on trying to defeat him with achieve their goals because he know that there will not be a fight. It is only a matter of time for them to have total control. This is why they did not have to rush when striping us away from our power. We sat back, watched and gave the people in higher authority over us more than enough time to come up with ways to distract us from getting up and taking back what is ours.

Is this how we lost our lifestyle?! Because we were too weak.

Yes everyone deserves Justice but if we are not the ones doing the wrong then why is justice coming out of our pockets. The pockets that needs to be filled is empty and the ones that should be empty is getting over filled.

The children are what is going to save us from this cycle on earth. Yet they are hungry, dying and looked over. It is not ok to keep working and having these people do what they want when they want. The future is what we should be protecting. Not their future but ours. How is it ok to cut from the youths but use it to fix and pay off another grown man’s wrongful choices and actions buy taking our tax payers money to cover their asses and wrongdoings but yet our children and the future is at risk.

2 thoughts on “Something To Think About….. R.I.P to everyone that has died a wrongful death. May Your Soul Find Peace. In tribute of George Perry Floyd Jr. (October 14, 1973 – May 25, 2020). Floyd was an African-American man who was killed wrongfully by two white cops during an arrest in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. May The Living Learn From Our Mistakes And May The Dead Find Their Way.

  1. Well written AB excellent point and a very good topic. Personal responsibility. Police officers are not held accountable for their actions. Society turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to what is really going on. Impunity. Who really is the problem the police force or the people that train them and hire them. Good one AB love you for this one.

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