How To Stop Bad Karma Or Certain Mental Illnesses etc Before It Is Even Created?!

We often find ourselves living in a world surrounded by different personalities and different vibrations. We use our energies and actions to love people, to hate people or to get revenge.

All of this is fine, until we start using our energies to excessively on the body. We start going out of our way more than we normally would for people that hurt us because we do not believe how they feel about us, whether because they tell us one thing and then show another.

Or they tell and show us something but we fight harder to change their mines or opinions about us. Putting our energies in the wrong places at the wrong times even if it is for good reasons would always end up hurting us on way or another.

What we do not see, is that, these reasons are why we are yet to fully find out who we are as human beings or to why we are blinded by what we do not see, in the physical world. We often use our energies in the physical world because that was the example set for us. Think about it! If we were to stop using our energies in the physical world, by only using actions, then we can better evaluate the people that are in and around our lives. We can remove stresses from our lives that can be toxic or deadly, giving us certain mental illness.

When we start seeing people by action & not words or the unseen, we would start to see & know exactly when to stop fighting for someone or when not to do something for someone because our bodies are now doing what it should do, leading with action. Our energies should only be used on the body under one condition. The condition to using it to do the action. If we use our energies for its main purpose then we can see that the things that was once hidden form us in the physical and spiritual world are now becoming clearer to the physical eye.

Our energies would now be leading our souls. It makes perfect sense Action and the human body are seen while the soul and energies are invisible. And most importantly, always be nice & have compassion for your fellow beings. Even if someone talks bad about you or do something bad to you, fight back with Wisdom. By either cutting them out of your life, or to stop using your energy to go out of your way for them. Ignore them & focus on yourself & the people that does do good by you.

By following these advices, we can stop a lot or all bad things that can happen before it exists so that bad karma can no longer be created but only if we choose too.

Happiness is hard to find in life for many, only to find out that we are the tools all along. We are just using our tools in the wrong ways because to us it seemed natural to the human behavior. A life of never ending happiness and love is at our finger tips, its up to us to grab it.

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2 thoughts on “How To Stop Bad Karma Or Certain Mental Illnesses etc Before It Is Even Created?!

  1. People, who do not feel and see themselves as victims, do not need to hate anybody. They do not have enemies because all people are in our life for a reason, and most often that is to teach a lesson.
    People, who are in charge of their own life, who have assumed responsibility, do not need to blame anything and anybody.
    We attract everything in our life: good things and bad things, good people and bad people.
    The main thing is not to waste one’s energy on hate, grief, sorrow, regrets, feeling and being sorry, fear, envy, jealousy and similar destructive emotions.
    Nobody can make one happy, but that person him- or herself.
    It’s pointless to look for happiness outside oneself since everything starts and ends with our own attitude, perception and the way we see and perceive people and world around us.
    The first step is always to never feel like a victim, be a victim or believe that something or somebody can victimize us.
    There are no other obstacles to a good life or life we want, but the ones we put in our own way.
    We have to listen to our subconscious mind which is deep down and hardly noticeable beyond all the noise created by devices and our own conscious assumptions.
    Yet, we make most decisions in our life based on the subconscious mind.

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