What Does The Devil Feed Off Of? What Happens If No-one Sin’s? What Happens When We Eat Food’s That Are Forbidden To Us?

The Devil feeds off of our soul’s and sin’s. He loves to feed off of negativity and pain. Our food are according to Leviticus (11:9-10): one should eat “whatsoever hath fins & scales in the waters” but not to eat “all that have not fins and scales in the seas.”Man should not eat “the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be cloven footed, yet he cheweth not the cud, is unclean to you.

What Would Happen If People Stops Giving Into Sin & Negativity?

Good would be separated from evil! God would return too earth to banish all evil and everyone would be able to live together in peace, love and harmony for what is described as eternity.

What Happens If We Eat Foods We Are Forbidden From?

Whether man made foods or foods that our creator has forbidden us to eat they are all bad because it is harmful too our bodies. These foods create and gives off toxic materials that can sometimes lead to death or diseases. Most of the food’s we eat today are the causes of our illnesses. We were meant to eat the foods that are freshly grown and not the foods created and changed by the hands of humans.

We go about thinking its normal to be sick or to get certain things because it is everywhere around us. Putting things in our bodies but because we do not see any present or near future effects, that it is ok to eat. We then live out the rest of our lives with no care or wonder. What if one’s life would be doubled if we don’t eat all these chemical filled food for preservation or taste enhancements. Just because we do not see any damage in a single life span or with the human eye, doesn’t mean that damage isn’t happening. We are yet to know what these things do to our vibrational fields, soul and mental health.

We wonder why it is so hard to find a cure! when the cure is rite in our faces, too Cancer etc: Eat only what is intended for the body, drink lots of water and stay active. keep your body both insides and outsides clean. keep your mind positive and surroundings clean. Not only would we limit cancer but our world would minimize at least 50% of our illness.

When something has went too far, pressing the reset button makes perfect sense. We have to remove the bad food’s and toxin’s that we put into our bodies in order to reset our genes. After a period of years our genes structure as a whole would reset and become less vulnerable to certain illnesses, potentially lengthen our life span.

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