Is It Possible That We Are Living In The Wrong World?!

We are living in a parallel world. We are living on the side of patterns and materials subjected by sorrow, while waiting on the other side is freedom & happiness subjected by eternity.

Abigail Maria Maharaj

Everyday of our lives are lived in a structured way that seems to always repeat itself. We work hard to achieve the material world over our own world, making happiness had to achieve.

We came here as soul’s but to survive in the physical world, we had to adapt to a physical body. Instead of living in the world that is already inside of us we choose to living in the material world. We wake up everyday on repeat to work hard, to achieve physical money, to buy physical items that make us feel happy in the physical world. We are all stuck on a wheel of “Constant Karmic Motion” of our own doings. It’s as if we are holding our soul’s in a “Golden” prison on earth.

We are feeling karma from our own wrong doings affecting both the physical and mental self. This karma comes because of our greed to keep living in the wrong world. If one was to live life in ones own power, we can get out of this structured life full of sorrow.

Everything needed to live a happy life already exists. We have to find ways to get out of our prison! Instead of looking for happiness in the Material world we can tap into our main source and give what we need to ourselves instead of depending on someone else’s physical form to fulfil our own needs.

If we tap into our main source, the real World would start to reveal itself to us. No- one in the material world truly knows what that world looks like as yet but I have hope in us. I have hope that we will find our true home soon because the answers about the material life giving to us can no longer heal the soul leaving us lost in a life that truly isn’t meant for us.

It’s a whole “World” out there that no-one in the physical world has started to live. I believe this world is already amongst us, we are blinded and shunned from that world. It’s rite here on earth but because of our greed for the Material items we have lost our way and true purpose. In that world we do not need food, money, clothes or houses or anything material because everything is already there. Based on our needs, what we need from life would come to us naturally when we are following the rules of the real highest power.

It can also be seen as a key to unlock the subconscious mind, and reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, rather than physical beings embarking upon spiritual experiences.

If we can find a way to reverse our physical form by giving the power we give to the Material world to the real world, then the real world amounts us would reveal its true self to our physical eye. We have the option to stay in the material world of constant suffering and greed or to take our Energy from the physical world and give it to our main source.

We are on this karmic wheel because of our sins, praying to a material God wondering why life is the way we know it as today. Life will not help us or give us answers if we are looking for it through the material world. The true world would only reveal itself to those that wants to live in it and to those who believes in it.

Before Lucifer was the devil it is said that he disobeyed God’s word. God was Furious and banned Lucifer from heaven. Throughout the years we have lost our “Real History” and no-one in the physical world knows what the devil did to disobey God in the first place. Maybe the Devil’s greed for creating material’s and indulgences in it was so strong that he has chosen to create and live in the material world where we are all currently living.

We followed him here and lost our way back to our real home. Because we are spirit, living in a material body that is eventually subjected to death, then so to are our soul’s. We can only achieve eternal life is we choose to see the real truths of life.

In the physical world our ancestors destroyed the history as to how we came here in the first place. Our ancestors most likely followed Lucifer to the material world using the physical body since that was the only way to keep stay in the material world. Where our ancestors then birthed us creating the world we see and know. Lucifer is the creator and ruler of the material world which is why happiness is only an illusion. Everything we pray and ask for we are actually asking Lucifer. This is why when we ask for things like love and health and happiness our prayers is never answered because Lucifer doesn’t have the power he needs to give us what we truly need but only our wants. “God” though we do not know his real name is the ruler of the real world where real happiness is easily attained. God created that world for us so we do not feel suffering or pain but to live in Paradise. We were meant to live forever but because of our ancestors Greed for the material world we are subjected to death. Eternal everlasting life is still offered to those that choose it. Everything in life is a choice!

God has always given us a choice that is why he sit back and watch us live in this world waiting for us to step into his world where he could better assist us. As long as we are in this world “God” can’t helped us and he can’t come to save us because this is not his world. In his world he makes up all the rules and in this world the devil makes up all the rules. We can’t expect to keep living in this world and ask God to help us in this world.

It is said that anyone who knows God’s real name can call him here to help and serve us. Maybe this is why we do not know his real name because Lucifer has stopped everyone from saying his name so over the years we have lost God’s real name. There is only two options to get out of this world. 1 is to know God’s real name to call on him to take us back home or 2 we find our own way back home on our own. Being that the first option is the easiest this is why Lucifer had forbidden his followers from using God’s real name leaving us with only one option…. To find our own way home. Yes the devil made it hard for us to find a way home but if our ancestors could fight hard to stay in this material world we can fight just as hard to find a way back to our true home.

What if we are looking at life from the wrong angle. In the Bible it is said that God conceived Mary his only begotten son baby Jesus. She was the only human that did not sin in her entire life. He saw her as a woman that was pure and worthy of giving birth to his seed. What if this was God trying to bring us back to that world (to our rightful home). We refused his help by Killing his son Jesus.

The only reason why God sent Jesus was because Mary was pure of sin. If Mary had sinned then God would not have been able to send Jesus. Because God is pure he can only do things that are of a pure nature! It is all about the energy levels. If what I was saying before when I said that the only way the human soul can survive in the material world is if it is in something material, the human body then what if that is why God sent his son Jesus through the body to help get us back to the right World but our ancestors had chosen to ignore the truths and called Jesus and his followers crazy.

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Those that live in sin are bound to be perished at the end his/her body’s physical limitation. What if what is normal to us is actually crazy and what is crazy to us is actually normal. We all sin and when we don’t sin our words or thoughts are sometimes negative. There are so many material distractions in front of our physical eye that we do not see the signs or the other world calling out to us. Maybe the only option left is for us to use our mind and figure it out own since we’re the ones after all that are the creators all things material around us. So it would not be mean to say that we have to figure out how to see past material things.

Of all the history shows we have created about aliens it would not be cruel to stay that we’re are the aliens. we’re the ones destroying the world, the animal life, the plant life, the air. Everywhere we go we destroy things, we can never go somewhere and leave it untouched. This is why we deserve going through the pain and sorrow of life because this is what we wanted this is what we created for ourselves. The cost of the material world and bringing pain to other being’s and animals are pain and sorrow. We are the creators of our own downfall and we would pay for it until the day we die for Generations to come until we take ownership and see the damage we have done and to see how far we have pulled away from our roots.

Some might say the world cannot be changed but to me it can. I believe of we can create all these materialistic things around us imagine the things that we can create and do together to figure out how to get back to our rightful place. We don’t have to know how to get there or where we’re going to go. Look at the things we have done in life, the things we created and we didn’t even know how to start but we started off with a though that turned into a strong believe, combined with the support of others and their ideas that help each other. The same way we could put each other Minds together and figure out how to land on the Moon, make electricity, automobiles, x-ray machines, airplanes etc. We are the creators of our own destiny, we can destroy and create.

And last but not least, if it turns out that we are looking at life from the wrong angle, then the way we have interpreted “The Bible” is possibly also interpreted from a wrong angle. In my next few postings, I would be taking a few scriptures from The Bible shedding light on them from a different perspective, challenging your mind and way of thinking.

If Incest Was Not A Thing Then Maybe Down Syndrome And Disabilities Would Also Not Be A Thing. Can The Creation Of All Down Syndrome, Certain Disabilities And Certain Mental Disorders Come From The Temptations Of Humans Participating In Incest?

Sister Competes With Jealous Sister To See Who Gets To Have Sex With Their Father.

What Is Incest?

Incest is when two or more people that are closely related participate in sexual activities with each other. People that are closely related have the same DNA structure as each other or a lot of similarities can be found in their DNA.

A Quick Run Down On The Human Structure

Each human has 23 pairs of Chromosomes in their Cells. These Chromosomes are the codes to your genes. Your genes are based on what your blood type is, your bodily features etc. Your Chromosomes are given to you from both your parent through your DNA. Your DNA is a self-replicating material which is present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information. It is the distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something.

Why Is It Important Not To Have Sex With People In Your Relatives?

People that are related most likely have the same DNA Pores. If one relative has the Recessive Allele of cystic fibrosis then its likely that the other relatives do also. A Child gets one of their Recessive Allele from their Mother and the other from their Father. So if two or more relatives engage in sexual activities and brings forth a Child the odds of the Child being preexposed to the two Recessive Alleles of Cystic Fibrosis is greater. This is why inbreeding increases the chances of Congenital Defects. Incest has been spread all over the world dating back to our creation. In the United States where I live, incest is practiced more in the Southern States. It is common to see stories on the news where children are being born stuck together or with multiple body parts. The same goes for all life forms. Other animals that inbreed can also be born with a disability, be deformed, be highly aggressive, or all in one etc.

My Thoughts

If Humans didn’t indulge in incest to begin with then in todays world Down Syndrome and Disability would not have existed.

Moving foward If Humans as a whole controlled their urges of engaging in sexual acts towards their relatives then the rates of birth effects will decrease in the coming years.

Some people believe that if the person’s that are committing incest is doing it of their free will then the act isn’t wrong.

Wrong or not, one cannot argue with, that if a Child is bring forth because of this act and is born with Down Syndrome or a Disability then it is wrong to the Child.

No one should be subjected to a life where they cannot live normal like everyone else. Having to be somewhere where you cannot fend or take care of yourself should not be anyone’s everyday life. Being outcast by others and feeling less of a human is not a place for anyone to be. Yes life is hard but it is meant to be enjoyed. Everyone has a right to enjoy their life in the way they so choose. Subjecting someone through incest and changing the human DNA as a whole causing a wider range of disabilities in today’s world is wrong to those people.

My Views On White Blood Cells.

I believe that when the human race was first created we started off with Red Blood Cells in our bodies. Over the years as we evolved so did the food we eat, our means of transportation and everything else around us. Not only did we create more waste in the environment but we dirtied our drinking water and air. Which means the food we grow is dirty since they need water to survive.

Because of this over a long stretch of years we began to develop alot of respiratory illnesses, food born illnesses and illnesses from the bacterias that surrounds us.

Think about it, if everything evolves then its possible that so was our Blood Cells.

Our bodies has always strive to adapted to its surroundings and so did everything else around us. So is it possible that our bodies created White Blood Cells to help us adapt to the toxic waste and illnesses we are constantly putting out into the world.

Can this be the reason why, the more White Blood Cells one has, the stronger their bodies has to fight against something bad and the closer they are to dying.

So what if we wanted to cure all sickness, then can we use the body and its cells to point us to the rite direction. The human body might be the answer not only to save us but the plant and animal kingdom also. Maybe the less white blood cells we have as a whole unit can fortell the healthiness of the environment. Which makes sense because at the moment as a unit we have more sickness, waste and bacteria than before. And it is way much easier to get sick now than a long time ago.

So to know if we are properly cleaning and fixing the earth up, we can judge by our bodies white Blood count level as a whole unit. This can only be fix in the long term since it is impossible to do it in the short term being how unhealthy the earth is and having to reset our DNA. Which means we are further away from the day of saving the planet than we are to the day of fixing it.

How Do You know If Someone Has A Evil Or Dark Soul?

People who have dark soul’s typically do not find joy in the things that normal people find joy in.

1. For instance I have a distance half brother that I have yet to meet. One night as I was having a drink, I got a call from facebook. I answered the call and the person on the other end was claiming to be my brother. He went on complain about how bad his life has been. I asked if he has hobbies to help bring happiness to his life. He then says to me that he likes to catch animals and hurt them. He said he broke a puppy’s bones by throwing it at the wall. He dont like to kill them rite away because he wants them to feel pain.

For example: He would take a metal rod and shove it in the mouth of a frog pulling it out through the other end. He would them stab it, cut off legs and other satanic acts before ending its life. I ended up cutting him off from contacting me. A few days back he called to apologise for not calling in so long. I then asked what that saw noise was in the background and he said someone was getting chopped up. I tried to give him advices by telling him the path he is on is evil, he then said that I was insulting him and that I suck eggs and as to how wack my advise was to him.

I told him his actions are those of a future murderer. They start off with frogs and puppies then to torture and rape, to killing humans.

2. A few years back at work, one of my co-workers had a disagreement with our boss. As we were working she went on a rant saying that she is Satanic and that she wants to get dog poop, dirt from where something bad happen, dirty water etc to make a spell to bring him sufferings.

Some people are proud to be evil and would not mind telling you openly.

When I asked what she does for fun, she then said she is in a cult so on her free time they go to the woods and do spells and human offerings etc. He favorite type of music is heavy metal. Typically people that are Satanic or like to do evil acts are drawn to the dark vibez that the heavy metal music feeds their souls.

3. Some people will always try to bring you down Don’t matter how hard you try. Don’t matter how good your doing in life they will always speak on the bad parts. Don’t matter what you have, they would see what you do not have. Don’t matter how perfect you are they would always see the imperfect side of you. They would sometimes go out of their way to bring sorrow and grief into your life. When you are in their presence your energy would go down and you would feel as if everything seems to go wrong.

4. One day as I was going through comments from a post on facebook, I came cross a disturbing comment saying may the Devil be with you! I immediately knew that that person serves the devil. I then clicked on his profile picture and his face was painted in a dark and twisted way with blood all over his face, hornes sticking out his head and bloody red eyes. I them saw more similar pictures conforming my suspicions.

5. 6 years back as I was walking to the store to get some snacks this random man stopped me in front of the door and started to walk with me, telling me how pretty I was and that he wanted to be my friend. As I shook his hands to introduce myself, I felt a strong dark presence, I saw nothing but darkness in my eyes as chills ran throughout my body. I then went into the store and he was still standing there when I got out, I then moved amd never looked back since he knew where I lived.

These are a few examples on how you can tell if someone in your life has a dark or evil soul. If you spot any of these it is in your best interest to Run and to keep these people out of your life.

How To Stop Bad Karma Or Certain Mental Illnesses etc Before It Is Even Created?!

We often find ourselves living in a world surrounded by different personalities and different vibrations. We use our energies and actions to love people, to hate people or to get revenge. All of this is fine, until we start using our energies to excessively on the body. We start going out of our way more than we normally would for people that hurt us because we do not believe how they feel about us, whether because they tell us one thing and then show another. Or they tell and show us something but we fight harder to change their mines or opinions about us. Putting our energies in the wrong places at the wrong times even if it is for good reasons would always end up hurting us on way or another. What we do not see, is that, these reasons are why we are yet to fully find out who we are as human beings or to why we are blinded by what we do not see, in the physical world. We often use our energies in the physical world because that was the example set for us. Think about it! If we were to stop using our energies in the physical world, by only using actions, then we can better evaluate the people that are in and around our lives. We can remove stresses from our lives that can be toxic or deadly, giving us certain mental illness. When we start seeing people by action & not words or the unseen, we would start to see & know exactly when to stop fighting for someone or when not to do something for someone because our bodies are now doing what it should do, leading with action. Our energies should only be used on the body under one condition. The condition to using it to do the action. If we use our energies for its main purpose then we can see that the things that was once hidden form us in the physical and spiritual world are now becoming clearer to the physical eye. Our energies would now be leading our souls. It makes perfect sense Action and the human body are seen while the soul and energies are invisible. And most importantly, always be nice & have compassion for your fellow beings. Even if someone talks bad about you or do something bad to you, fight back with Windom. By either cutting them out of your life, or to stop using your energy to go out of your way for them. Ignore them & focus on yourself & the people that does do good by you. By following these advices, we can stop alot or all bad things that can happen before it exists so that bad karma can no longer be created but only if we choose too. Happiness is hard to find in life for many, only to find out that we are the tools all along. We are just using our tools in the wrong ways because to us it seemed natural to the human behavior. A life of never ending happiness and love is at our finger tips, its up to us to grab it.

When Is Judgement Day? The Day Everyone Has Spent Decades To Figure Out But Has Always Gotten Wrong. “The Holy Day”

Judgment Day is up to us and not God! It does not have a set date. If in fact it did, then it would and should be in the HOLY BIBLE and not kept a secret. But first we have to fight to ride ourselves of sin and hate before this day would even come. If God was to arrive now, then we would all be dead! Even the sweetest people in life has a little evil or sin inside of them. This includes myself! Our goal is not to be perfect but as close as we can come to it. For God to come we would have to be righteous in his eyes so he would be able to better set us apart from evil. That means Judgment Day would be when all the good human beings can finally separates the evil from within themselves and take it out. After this, that is when God is going to return for “Judgment Day”. This is why no-one has yet to get the exact or correct dates for God’s return because no-one truly knows when we will accomplish this. When this day does arrive, God would be returning to banish the evil in the world for his last time in human history. God is waiting on us, not we waiting on him. We are all looking at “The Holy Day” backwards! Instead we have wasted countless decades trying to figure out when God is going to return, which is slowing us down from working on getting the “bad parts” out of us as a whole nation so he can return.

Has Slavery Really Ended Or Is It Worst Than Some Are Lead To Believe? The Hard Truth!

Sadly slavery is still alive and kicking but much harder than before, in many different ways. If one was to think too themselves…. What is my purpose in life? I would say ones purpose in life is to do whatever makes you happy. But how is this possible when everything requires money? This is when we go deeper into the highest slaveries of all times….. OUR MINDS! We are taught that everything requires money. Money to go to school, money for a house, money for land, money for water, money for food, money to be happy etc. Why should one have to work so hard in life just to end up suffering by it? What happened to us being happy?! Living our lives to the fullest. Yes education is VERY important but why should we pay for land or food when it was given to us for free?! Our jobs is to maintain the earth so that we can enjoy more time doing the things we love. But yet we spend our whole lives working for the government or like I call it the DEVIL. The devil is everywhere, he is in people we are around everyday and even in the people that we love and serve. This is why we are suffering so much by life! Causing stress, mental illnesses, unhappiness etc. We were not intended to live this way, we are supposed to be claiming our own land without having to pay for it. We should be able to walk outside and cut down tree to build our own houses. We should only pay for the extra tools needed or to repay the people that helped in building our houses. We should be growing our own foods and only have to pay if we buy it from another. Instead happiness and success was slowly stripped away from us. The government is limiting us by making rules we SOoo call have to follow. We have to buy land, we cannot just cut down trees and start building. But yet we wonder why so many people are homeless, when we do not have to live like this. We have to pay for food and if one wanted to grow their own foods, we would have to buy land inorder to achieve this. But yet we wonder why so many go hungry and die from starvation. We even have to pay to go into the water at certain beaches of the world. How stupid does that sound when water was giving to us for free?! Water can fall out of the skies at any given moment but yet to some it makes perfect sense to charge for it. The government is putting down certain rules inorder to limit our chances of success and happiness. Too make us suffer and bitter on the insides out. We are exactly where they want us to be. Struggling on a daily just to be happy. We work 5 days a week but only have 2 days to ourselves and family. If in fact the government did have our best interest then wouldn’t it be the other way around? We are working without being chained down or followed by a gun, so many assume SLAVERY isn’t a big deal. Its not just the black community anymore but the entire nation. How did we end up in a boat following and doing everything the government says? Our last and most important battle in life is for our MINDS & HAPPINESS. Yes, this means that we are currently going through our last battle. This is why many feel or know that the world is coming to an end. Be aware and know that our last battle is now, how long do we have to fight it…. I wish I knew! But what I do know is that the devil is not going to win. The world is not going to end as long as good still exist. Even if 99% of the world is evil the 1% of the world that is good will still triumph. This is why the devil has tried so hard to bring us too our destruction but has always failed. Good vibrations are higher than bad vibrations so it is impossible for him to win his fight, even if its just one person fighting back. This is why we are still here, this is why the devil is attacking the only last hope he has to taking over the world. With our minds we can do anything we wish, we can travel to the spiritual world and use hidden knowledge that the devil is hiding from us. We can obtain peace, love, strength etc. using our minds! In our world many people has lost their minds to suffering, stress, mental disorders, drugs, disease etc. Being unhappy or going through life is harder for some than others, many people do not know how to control their minds, which leads them into doing evil things such as crimes and being mean to others. This is why we have to pay attention to what is really going on in the world and in or around us. We have to become aware of what is really going on and spread the word to those who do not know or understand as easily to what is actually going on. The final battel is NOW and it is SERIOUS! We have a chance to go back to how we are truly intended to live…. free and happy. To speed up our last battel one should and can spread the word of awareness to all his fellow beings.